Hi anyone,

my name is Tyler and this is my site, Left Turn Life. I decided to start this site for two reasons. One, I’ve loved NASCAR since I was a kid and it was my first love in terms of sports. Two, there isn’t enough honest unfiltered coverage of the sport that allow for unbiased opinions.
My goal is to not just feed out the basic news but to speculate on it and discuss what’s going on behind the scenes and what it means when a headline breaks.
I want to entertain every reader and make sure they don’t click off of any article feeling like they could’ve read this on ESPN. That’s assuming ESPN actually decides to write a NASCAR article.
This has been a second class sport for too long and some of that problem is on NASCAR itself. I hope that I can be a small piece in what reawakens many fans love for the sport and continue to feed those who’ve stayed strong.
I used to race go karts every weekend with my Dad and had dreams of being in NASCAR one day. Unfortunately that dream never came, however that’s why I made this site, so that I can keep a connection to that dream. I hope that with this site i can give something back to this sport that has meant so much to me.

Thank you to all who are supporting me in this endeavor. Including Joe Kauffman who designed my awesome logo. Follow and support him @JojoShinyDancer on Twitter.