So, I feel like it’s important to start this off with the statement I AM NOT A CHASE ELLIOTT fan. At the risk of triggering an entire fan base, I honestly don’t care for the guy that much. With that being said, I believe that Elliott comes out looking great after the post-race events at Bristol, while Harvick looks like an angry old man with a poor attitude.

The initial contact was pure Bristol racing, the events shouldn’t have caused this much uproar. It especially doesn’t help Harvick’s case when Elliott is the one who went laps down and wasn’t this mad. Harvick was more upset about Elliott racing him hard at the end of the race which effectively handed Larson the race.

I 100% do not blame Harvick for being upset. Elliott made contact with him and then made life as hard as possible for him when he wasn’t even on the lead lap. Elliott was racing Harvick hard despite being laps down to help his teammate, while also getting a little bit of payback towards Harvick for running him into the wall. This is something we’ve seen multiple times this year, and while it is annoying for competitors, it’s one of those things where it’s only annoying if you’re the one it’s being done to.

Here’s why Kevin Harvick looked like a fool after Bristol:

  1. Take off your helmet.

The tempers are fine, I have no issues with Harvick being upset. What makes Harvick looks horrible is the fact that he instigated the issues on pit road and kept his helmet on when approaching. A driver should NEVER instigate a fight with his helmet on. It’s one thing if you get ran up on unexpectedly and still have your helmet, but Harvick knew there was a chance to be a fight and he decided to protect himself. Elliott had already removed his helmet and did not seem intimidated in the slightest by Harvick’s aggression. Chase looked like the bigger man In the initial scuffle. 

In my opinion, Harvick has always been a bark is bigger than his bite kind of guy. He likes to yell and scream and get in people’s faces but never takes it further. The only time he has ever physically attacked a driver is when he grabbed Greg Biffle by the suit and shook him a bit, and I mean…it was Greg Biffle so not a lot of bravado is needed there. Also, when he walked up behind Brad Keselowski and pushed him into an angry Jeff Gordon, which was about as chicken crap of a thing to do as I’ve ever seen. He then walked away after inciting the chaos. 

2. Get rid of your hype man

I’m not sure who the man was, but while Harvick and Elliott were talking there was a man who works for Harvick standing beside them in a white shirt being very animated during their discussions. Every time Elliott said something, the man would roll his eyes, shake his head, throw his arms in the air, and in general just make irritating gestures at Elliott’s comments.

At one point Elliott can be seen asking “who is this?” to Harvick pretty much asking why his lackey was there butting into the discussion. There was no need for Harvick to have his buddy join into this, speak to him man to man and tell your subordinates to mind their own. Elliott did not show up with any backup.

3. Intimidating Reporters

I live in Winston-Salem, NC not far from Richard Childress racing, so I grew up on stories of people talking about their bad experiences with Kevin Harvick. I won’t go into details on the stories as I don’t think it’s fair to spread second-hand information when I don’t know all the facts, but I’ve heard enough of them to know that Harvick isn’t the nicest guy to his non-peers.

Jordan Bianchi was caught filming the discussion between Elliott and Harvick, something well within his rights to do, especially as a reporter. Harvick saw this and proceeded to get in his face and while it’s not been confirmed what he said, it seems clear he was being aggressive towards the man. In my opinion, if you wanted your conversation to be private you should’ve walked into the hauler, to begin with. Don’t go after a guy doing his job, it’s not his fault he’s filming you making an ass of yourself.

4. Conclusion

As I said, I’m not a big fan of Chase Elliott’s, but I gained a lot of respect for him in the situation and lost a lot for Harvick. I am very excited to see how this feud continues into the playoffs. This gives off Kenseth vs. Logano vibes and we all know how that worked out.

Maybe they worked it out, but as much as that escalated, it doesn’t seem like their talks were gonna be enough.

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