Of course, the year that Atlanta finally gets a controversial reconfigure, the track produces the best races in years. We can’t be prisoners of the moment here, these races have been lackluster for years, which is why the stands were near vacant yesterday. Drivers are going to have you believe that this is not necessary because they’re upset about not being asked for input, but this is a needed change.

I’m glad that our last couple of races here were great even if they were dominated races, at least challengers made the end of the races exciting. Seeing the Busch brother fight it out is always amazing and we need to enjoy it while it’s here, because we don’t know how many more we will get before Kurt retires. 

This race has been killed by meaningless controversy with a teammate helping another teammate win the race. A completely ludicrous concept. I hope the sarcasm is obvious. Kyle was able to get in front of Kurt on some green flag pit stops and while Kurt was attempting to reel Kyle back in, the younger Busch came upon Ross Chastain. Team orders were given to Ross Chastain to run the top lane and take away Kyle Busch’s primary line. This slowed Kyle down enough for Kurt to essentially overtake him in the same corner.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kyle got out of the car and in his immediate interview called out Chastain for helping his teammate stating “that tells you what kind of driver he is.” The comment itself doesn’t surprise me from Kyle, but the backlash from the fan base is the biggest issue.

I understand that a large number of the fanbase prefers for things to be worked out naturally and just have two drivers fight it out mono e mono. However, at the end of the day, this sport does have teammates. While everyone is out for themselves, it has moments like yesterday where one teammate isn’t having a good day and is in a position to help another teammate.

If you are a Kyle Busch fan, you’re mad about it. If Kurt Busch had run up on Christopher Bell and Bell would’ve held him up, then it wouldn’t be as big a deal right? This is something that happened last time we were in Atlanta whenever Joey Logano held up Kyle Larson for Ryan Blaney to catch up and pass Larson. This isn’t new and is less common in NASCAR compared to other forms of racing.

This type of team mentality racing happens in all forms of motorsports, and there is zero wrong with it. What good is having four cars now a day if not for on-track situations like this? Every driver has access to each other’s data so note sharing is hardly a thing anymore. 

In today’s NASCAR, there aren’t even any more one-car teams, Richard Petty Motorsports, Wood Brothers Racing, 23XI, and Trackhouse all have affiliate support, so technically they have teammates even if it’s not direct. Each team if in the same situation could run up on a teammate or affiliate for some much-needed assistance.

Ross Chastain did nothing wrong yesterday and Kurt Busch’s win was all fair and square. While we want these guys to race it out without interference, this is still a business and in the end, these teams want to win no matter how they get it done. 

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