The All-Star race played out about how we expected. Due to the inverts and wild format, Hendrick didn’t get a chance to lead every lap, but they did have the fastest cars. For a brief period had four of their cars in the top five, and it seemed like they’d finish one-two-three again. Competitors after every race are floored by how fast their cars are with slight hints of venomous jealousy.
It’s easy for any non-Hendrick fans to be getting annoyed and tired of the Hendrick dominance, but they have been dormant for years now. Chase Elliott won the championship last season, but he was not a dominant force the entire season. The rest of NASCAR kept them down as long as they could, but there may be a different way to look at this HMS takeover?
It’s become obvious that Hendrick as well as smaller Chevrolet teams are running on a different level compared to Toyota and Ford. The Door Bumper Clear podcast which is comprised of NASCAR spotters, even discussed the rumor that Chevy has found a significant bit of speed that the other manufacturers hadn’t. More than likely this extra speed was found at HMS and they have shared a small piece of the pie with Richard Childress Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing.
How has HMS found an unknown speed that nobody else can reach? Simple, because they have the most disposable income.
The speculation for why teams like Stewart-Haas Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, and Team Penske have had a relatively tame season compared to their 2020 campaigns is because of the next-gen car. Teams are possibly saving money for their 2022 seasons instead of investing millions upon millions into cars and programs that are going to be obsolete next year.
If this speculation is true, HMS didn’t seem to get the memo that this is a gap year. They are the biggest and richest team in the sport and have the money to invest into resources on a near-obsolete race car.
Could this be the final year of Hendrick Motorsports dominance we see, at least for a while? The next-gen car has been advertised to take away the gap that bigger programs have on smaller teams. The big thing with these cars is that they are cheaper, and will give NASCAR more parity.
While that sounds good on paper, the truth is that big teams will always find ways to win. Money always wins out no matter what the format or cars are. HMS will always be a factor in the sport, but there is a possibility that this will be the last season they take off and leave the rest of the sport. At least for a few years before they can figure out a way to abuse the new cars.
If this is the case, honestly, even if you’re not a big HMS fan, just take a minute to be impressed by what they are doing. I’ve never been a big fan personally of HMS or Kyle Larson, but I continue to be amazed at what they can do this season.
I think a lot of this speed could be traced back to Chad Knaus and his new bigger role with the team overall. It’s cool to put biases aside and appreciate the wizardry that Knaus and HMS as a whole have always been able to pull, and if this is our last time seeing a team truly stomp the entire field, then you have to respect it, move on, and get ready for next year.

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