So far, we are not having the best experiences to start at new tracks with visibility. Unlike Bristol on dirt, this is no fault of anyone but mother nature who seems to hate NASCAR in 2021. This race was very entertaining to watch from a pure wild factor. There were guys you don’t normally see lead and some sideways racing that was cool to see.

Fans have been clamoring for NASCAR to try racing in the rain for a long time and they are finally experimenting with it. Experimenting is the optimal word because you have to test things like this out. Just like with the dirt race earlier in the year, we have to see what works and what doesn’t. NASCAR will learn from this. In the end, fans would’ve been upset had they not tried. It’s a no-win situation either way.

Obviously the constant lead changes were fun to watch, but the strategy on pit road was so all over the place. You’d see contenders come in and be back in the twenties and then you’d have some guys stay out and get track position and stay there. It was a really interesting race to watch.

The stage 2 battle between Kyle Busch and Austin Cindric was possibly the best battle we’ve seen so far this year. The racing started to straighten up during the final stage and the favorites started to take shape. Pit strategy began to play super heavy, and it ended up being the key at the end.

The rain played a big factor all day, despite NASCAR attempting to fight it all day at the dismay of some drivers. Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr. were very vocal about their disapproval of racing in the rain, but I think in the end this race went as good as expected. The decision to run single file to improve the visibility efforts is still one that I’m not a huge fan of, but at least NASCAR is going to be consistent with their mid-race changes.

The racing gods shined down on NASCAR’s favorite son once again and gifted Elliott with a rain shortened win that wasn’t a possibility had the race continued under green. I think that the caution was thrown when needed, and the track was lost for hours so it’s not a conspiracy. However, we all know NASCAR didn’t hate having to call this race early.

In the end I was content with how this race went. I think the rain made a huge impact, and I would’ve liked to see this race run under normal conditions because both the truck and Xfinity race was so entertaining, but we’ll have more opportunities.

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