I think this will be my third Brad Keselowski article in the last week. I grossly underestimated what all his options were when it came to leaving Penske. Until today I thought it was a long shot he’d even be considering leaving. Penske has been so strong that I just didn’t think leaving would be worth it to him.

Brad Keselowski has been in talks about potentially buying a part in Roush Fenway Racing and also driving for the team. If that’s the case it poses a bunch of questions. Will he be taking over the #6-car or potentially start a third team of his own?

He’s no stranger to ownership, with his now defunct Brad Keselowski Racing being a solid contender in the Truck series, he knows what goes into being an owner. So, this isn’t out of nowhere for him nearing his 40-year mark. Going into Roush is the only surprising part with this, but perhaps he wants to stay in the Ford camp.

This pretty much confirms the speculation that he has become unsatisfied with his role at Penske. Rather he is feeling underappreciated or not getting along with the team, he seems to be looking into every option. If he wants to stay with Ford though, then attempting to revitalize RFR would be a great project for him to pursue.

RFR is owned by the 79-year old Roush who is probably closing in on turning his part of the team over to his son. Along with Fenway Sports Group, Keselowski’s interest in this team could be seen as a jumping off point for a future team. Getting his feet wet in Cup ownership and building some relationships could help if he wants to eventually start his own team or take over in a bigger way at RFR one day.

Maybe Keselowski wants to be an owner but not a majority owner? After the stress of building Brad Keselowski Racing just to have to shut it down, I could see why he wouldn’t want to go through that again. It poses a lot of questions that we will have to wait for answers on.

Adam Stern’s tweet seemed to indicate that this is not the only option that Keselowski is pursuing. So, we could see his name surface with a few more teams before we get to silly season. It would seem that ownership is going to be a part of his decision wherever he goes though.

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