Martin Truex Jr. threw the ultimate throwback by channeling his former Furniture Row Racing dominance and completely handing the rest of the field their lunch today. Truex allowed no competition to truly challenge him today, and it reaffirms that Truex might be the car to beat this season.

Joe Gibbs Racing as a whole seems to be the most consistently dominant team. With Truex winning his third race of the year, Kyle Busch seemed to gain his groove back after a win last week, and Denny Hamlin is still the points leader by large margins, JGR is the strongest team in 2021.

The race could be classified as a snooze fest, but honestly it was at least fun to watch throughout the field. Whenever one car is as dominant at Truex the whole day it’s never super fun, but at least we saw him have to earn it. The package brought to Darlington made the cars difficult to drive and you saw this with a bunch of drivers struggling. Truex’s car was not on rails, this was a much earned win by the driver.

What doesn’t help with the dull races like this is the chemistry currently in the booth. Mike Joy is always great and Clint Bowyer is excellent entertainment. Jeff Gordon continues to struggle with the entertainment aspect of the booth. Yes, him and Bowyer have some good moments, but throughout an entire race there are long moments where Gordon just seems to become white noise. It’s been lingering the whole year, but this race highlighted it with there being not a lot of action up front to discuss.

Thankfully NASCAR fans seemed decently entertained. This race will have mixed reactions with polls, but it wasn’t the worst dominated race of all-time. Loved watching some of the paint schemes and stories behind them, but there were plenty of Darlington stripes on these beautiful cars and it led to uneasy moments all day.

With Truex’s third win of the season, he seems to be the most dangerous driver that everyone is watching despite Hamlin being the points leader. If he can keep this going into the playoffs – which he always does – then I don’t see many people challenging him for a championship 4 spot.

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