After so much anticipation on what the next era of NASCAR racing would look like, we finally got the grand unveiling of all three manufacturers and their next gen cars. There was so much hype put into this and a lot of fans weren’t sure what to expect, because these unveilings can always lead to negative opinions.

I wanted to give my quick reactions and the overall feel from the fanbase on the next gen cars.

Initial reaction was pleasant. The new car is pleasing to the eye and looks sleek and mean. While it’s obvious that these are not made to the exact scale of a stock Camaro, Mustang, or Camry they look closer then the previous gen did to being “stock.”

I wish they would’ve rolled out actual cars with sponsors and logos, because it gives us a better idea of what they will look like on Sunday, but the cars looked good regardless. The overall reaction from the NASCAR fan base seems largely positive. Most complaints are from the same technical things we’ve been hearing for months; some people still are not a fan of the one lug nut wheel and the potential moving of car numbers.

This new car is expected to improve on a lot of the racing and manufacturing issues that fans and teams alike have been disappointed with in recent years. With this new car it could start a new era of competition for the sport and I’m so thankful that it at least looks good.

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