The Buschy McBusch 400 was won by Kyle Busch. The race began with a lot of complaints about the lead changes possibly being few and far between with the second place car having such a hard time punching a hole through the dirty air to be able to make a pass. This was not the case much longer passed stage 1.

Brad Keselowski led the way through most of stage 1, but Kyle Larson was the car to beat all day. While he wasn’t without contention from other drivers, he was clearly the fastest car on the track. 

He seemed to have the race well in hand until NASCAR made the most perplexing call that we’ve seen in a long time. An uncontrolled tire got away from Tyler Reddick’s car and planted itself in the infield. Instead of throwing a caution right away, NASCAR decided to wait for the pit stops to cycle through.

They allowed the tire to sit there for over twenty laps, and then threw the caution only once all the leaders pitted. It seems like if it was safe enough to allow for the leaders to finish pitting, then it was safe enough to allow it to sit there the rest of the race.

Obviously, the right call was to throw the caution even before all pit stops had taken place. I think NASCAR just pulled off some subtle blatant race manipulation because they saw how close they were to letting Kyle Larson stink up the show.

Well, it turns out that caution bred more cautions which ended up being just as dangerous. Multiple cautions ensued and we had a lead change thanks to them which put Kyle Busch and Ryan Blaney 1 and 2. 

On the final restart Kyle Larson attempted to push Ryan Blaney to the lead, but going into the corner Larson pushed him too far and ended up taking both he and Blaney out of the race. Larson called himself out after the race, you can’t push that hard through the corners especially when the guy your pushing has old tires. Laying off in the corner wouldn’t have lost the race for Larson, more than likely it would’ve still given him the opportunity to surpass Blaney and Busch.

Props to Blaney for the save of the year so far. That car should’ve gotten turned around at those speeds, but he somehow saved his car and kept from causing a wreck.

The racing was rapid throughout with so many passes throughout the field. I think the overall feel for this race was mediocre, but for me I enjoyed it the entire way through. If this became NASCAR’s new mediocre, then I’m cool with it.

Kyle Busch getting this win is probably going to be the momentum swinger that he needs to get himself back on track. Last season, he didn’t get a win till late and by that point I don’t think his team had enough time to right the ship. This year, that team has plenty of time to build off of this win.

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