Brad Keselowski was able to get the win after errors from Matt DiBenedetto and Tyler Reddick ended any chance of a heartwarming finish. DiBenedetto’s decision to block the outside lane instead of running with the bottom line would put him in a chasing position.

Both DiBenedetto and Blaney struggled to make the outside work, and Tyler Reddick had the opportunity to use a big run to bump both of them back into contention. Reddick elected to go to the outside in an attempt to better his own position, but this actually ruined anyone’s chance at contending with the bottom line. 

With no runs on the outside, it was essentially a runaway win for Brad Keselowski who got his 6th win at Talladega. This win only further nails down the fact that Kes is becoming a powerhouse name at Talladega.

DiBenedetto continues to search for his first career win, and while he has made major strides towards it, the window is closing. You can’t help but start to think that his issues might be of his own misdoing with him taking himself out of a chance to even contend at the end. Matty D is a decent race car driver, but this only adds on to the narrative building that he is not a driver capable of contending for wins consistently.

This was much more entertaining than Daytona, I’ll give it that. This race really only had a small bunch of laps that was single file, The wrecks remained stable considering the trouble we’ve seen breakout in the past.

Outside of Joey Logano’s flip, we never saw another wreck reach a scary level. Logano’s wreck actually gave way to some impressive maneuvering from Bubba Wallace and Chase Briscoe to avoid it. After the crash, Logano stated that changes needed to be made at tracks like this because of these wrecks.

I don’t disagree with him that something needs to be done with the cars, but Logano was almost hinting that he wants to end superspeedway races. Maybe this was him not formulating himself clearly, but he seemed to be critiquing the tracks more than the cars. If that is the case, I’m sorry, but Daytona and Talladega will never come off the schedule. There are changes that can be made to the cars to help keep dangerous wrecks like this from happenings.

Overall, I enjoyed this race even despite being disappointed at the end. The race had a lot of intrigue throughout and never had a dull moment. If a Cinderella story like Matt DiBenedetto had taken place it would’ve heightened the race drastically.

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