Can NASCAR fans catch a break? We were witnessing possibly the best race of the year in any of the three major divisions and once again the rain came to ruin everyone’s day. This race had lead changes, hard battles and impressive driving from a lot of different drivers.

It was going to end up being a wild finish at the end and honestly I couldn’t have picked a winner with 23 to go. I was really disappointed to see this race end early but happy with the winner as Jeb Burton gets the win.

It was funny because after he won Jeb didn’t seem fazed by it. At first I thought that he was upset that he won the race because of rain delay, but once the reality set in, it was clear that he was overcome with emotion at getting the biggest win of his career. It was a heartwarming sight for sure.

With this, Burton will possibly jump his teammate Justin Haley in the standings making him the highest ranking Kaulig Racing car. This win may be a crucial factor in the possibility of him making it to the Cup series once Kaulig moves up.

What wasn’t heartwarming is the caution that would eventually end the race after Ty Dillon was crushed by an accident not involving him. Ty Dillon has been vocal about his mental health and how he has struggled to find success in his opportunities with Joe Gibbs Racing this season. All of his fallouts have been due to bad luck situations, but that doesn’t take away the sting from the fact this could have been his last shot at a NASCAR career. He has no more current plans for 2021.

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