Oh man, those 50-something cars are always causing trouble on the track. It’s a once-a-race event for there to be a decent green flag run only to be halted for one of the Rick Ware Racing cars to have spun out all by themselves. I always chalked it up to poor handling equipment, but it’s incidents like what happened at Martinsville that make me think the drivers have just as much to do with it.

After Cody Ware intentionally took out his teammate James Davison Saturday night, there were many radio exchanges that pointed to a lot of drama off the track. It’s crazy to think about some of these bottom-feeder teams having such drama, but there are mini races going on all over the track that does not get covered.

All this was incredibly fun just to be blunt, mainly from the absurdity. Cody Ware wreck not only his teammate but his father’s car. We have teammates of owners with millions upon millions ready to fix busted race cars and with much more stress on the track and never see them take each other out. Ware pretty much just said “dad will fix it,” and turned his teammate just to prove a point. This happened two times in the race.

It makes it obvious that Cody Ware is out there playing race car driver and has no true aspirations to grow his father’s team. It also takes a big man to pick a fight with a driver when your father owns the team and you know the other guy wants to keep his job. This is exactly what happened as Davison can be quoted as saying he apologized:

“I just want to be the best man I can be and just apologize for my part in any of it,” Davison said. “I didn’t feel any of his actions were warranted, but in the end, we all have to get along. And I know I’m not perfect myself, and I live and learn like we all should, and so I just put my hand up and just reached out to him. Obviously I wasn’t happy about getting turned around twice. I just want to be the bigger man and just try and have peace. I don’t like having false enemies. And I know Cody’s a good guy. … It’s just a completely different world when you’re behind the wheel of a stock car and everyone’s fighting for this small piece of pie that exists.”

Obviously, Davison isn’t going to win that fight, and he relented. The funny thing is that Davison rebounded from all these issues to tie Rick Ware Racing’s best non-restrictor plate racing finish of 22nd last Sunday at Martinsville. 

On Tuesday it was announced that Jennifer Jo Cobb will drive the 15-car at Talladega for RWR and the knee-jerk reaction was that Davison was fired. That’s not the case, he will actually be in the car on Sunday at Richmond. Cobb and her sponsor Arrowhead have brought money for a race and are wanting to do it at a track they have a chance to be somewhat relevant. 

Rick Ware Racing is an interesting team for more than the silly drama. They field four cars every week and have made no progress in their program since it was started in 2017. Why would such a small team bother fielding so many cars just to not even run top thirty every week? There has to be an end goal here right? This team has made no improvement since starting in 2017.

You would think it would be more cost-effective and better for the team, in the long run, to cut their team to two and bring in all those sponsors and resources into a two-car team. It’s decisions like this that make me wonder how serious RWR actually takes this racing thing. If Rick Ware’s son cares so little about their cars on the track, clearly he gets that from his father.

Look, if you got the money to just throw and play around in NASCAR then good for you, heck, I’d do it if I could. Can we at least not kill the momentum of the race for the fans and every other team big and small that is actually trying to take it seriously? 

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