Rain, as usual, has been a demon to NASCAR this season and it seems like it will more than likely continue to be an issue heading into Martinsville weekend. 

Current Forecast per Weather.com:

Friday: Isolated thunderstorms with 35% chance of rain during the day and 47%  at night.

Saturday: Thundershowers with 91% chance of rain during the day and 92% chance at night.

Sunday: Partly cloudy with a 24% chance of rain during the day and a 4% chance at night.

Let me go ahead and give you the bad news if it wasn’t already obvious, this race will not happen on Saturday. Sunday seems like it will be a fine day to get the race in, however, and while it does suck not having the race on schedule, at least it’s still happening on the weekend.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because there is the potential for a fun experiment to happen this weekend. Last week, NASCAR just happen to test out the capabilities of rain tires at Martinsville itself. This test was held with Kyle Larson and was an attempt to see how successful racing in wet conditions could be on short tracks.

With this test happening just last week at the same track we’re visiting this week and rain once again threatening the weekend, it seems logical to assume NASCAR might consider bringing these tires to the track if the opportunity to try them out presents itself.

To be clear, these tires are not to be run during heavy rain and that means the chances of them racing in the expected heavy rain on Saturday is impossible. What I’m more interested in is the potential of using them in the Xfinity Series on Friday.

While it will more than likely rain on Friday, it is not expected to be as bad as it currently is on Saturday. There could be small showers that present NASCAR with the opportunity to bring the cars in and let the Xfinity Series driver be guinea pigs for a wet track. 

If this does happen and it’s successful then depending on what time on Sunday NASCAR decides to reschedule the race, then they could try it with Cup. If the race gets scheduled in the afternoon instead of the night race it was supposed to be, then there is the chance that some rain is in play.

It’s all speculation at this point, but it would make sense for NASCAR to at least bring the tires and see how things play out. Kyle Larson had great reviews after the test and seemed confident that they could race on them.

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