I take no pleasure in talking bad about a young driver, but this needs to be addressed; Anthony Alfredo does not need to be in the Cup Series. We have seen him for 7 races so far and his stats are atrocious and we’ve seen him already involved in two crashes and being a safety hazard on pit road. 

I don’t want to be harsh, because Anthony Alfredo seems like a genuinely nice guy, and I’m sure he’s a talented race car driver. The issue is we have no idea how talented he is because he has not competed full time in a racing division since 2018 when he was in the K&N Series putting up decent – but not great – stats.

I’m very passionate about my dislike for the NASCAR development system, and I call it that, but NASCAR really does not regulate a development system in the traditional sense. This is all on Front Row Motorsports and their decision to put a guy who was clearly not ready for Cup level competition into the car because he brought in sponsorship. I understand money makes the world goes round but Ty Dillon was on the market and brought sponsorship, heck even a guy like Timmy Hill who has proven to be a solid driver in horrible equipment brings enough sponsorship that he’d be worth a prove-it contract for one year. 

John Hunter Nemechek had this car running really well last year in his rookie season, and while he opted to take his career in a different direction abruptly, that’s no excuse to just give the seat to a kid who brings the first sponsorship deal to you. Alfredo only had 32 combined Truck and Xfinity Series starts to his name before joining FRM and in those 32 starts, he had 11 top tens and 2 top fives. He has never even sniffed a win in NASCAR. All these starts came in either a Richard Childress Racing car or David Gilliland Racing Truck; all good equipment.

I point this story out not to shame Alfredo, he’s 22-years old with the dream of being a NASCAR driver and took the first opportunity he could get. You can bet if any NASCAR team asked me to hop in a car with no experience I’d jump on it first chance. My issue is with FRM and whoever is advising him.

Fast Pasta has a great fan base, but now with these struggles and to be blunt embarrassments on the race track, his fans, his sponsors, and his reputation are going to take a hit this season. The sad part is FRM will more than likely dump him at season’s end and he will have wasted a year of his career he could’ve dedicated to development in a lower series and now he may not be able to find a decent ride in 2022.

There is no argument with his car because John Hunter Nemechek performed miles better dealing with pandemic precautions last season and even worse, Matt Tifft who was in the car in 2019 even had a better start than Alfredo. This is a driver issue, and while struggling is expected, he is showing to be very ill-prepared for the trials of competing at this level of stock car racing.

My hope for Alfredo is that at seasons end he has not lost the good graces of his sponsors and instead of signing on for another year at FRM, he does what John Hunter Nemechek did and take that Cup experience and sponsorship money to a decent team in Xfinity and Truck for a full-time season. He is still only 22-years old, there is plenty of time to develop his skills progressively.

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