There are not many NASCAR fans who are also big watchers of Formula 1 racing. I’ve been trying to get more into it, but the world is just so vastly different from ours.  Even before I attempted to dive further into it, I had heard about the exploits of a young man named Santino Ferrucci. 

There are not many American prospects who venture out into the ranks of Formula 1, Ferrucci was an exception. The issue was, he wasn’t exactly the most talented guy. He came into Formula 1 with a brash attitude and a lot of money and while he wasn’t putting together great results, Gene Haas gave him the opportunity to be part of his development program. Down in F2 he wasn’t producing anything besides headlines though. Where do I start?:

  • He ran into his teammate on a cool down lap. Nothing that’s super crazy, the issue is this is in open wheel and rubbed tire to tire. This is extremely dangerous to both drivers. Obviously doing this with a teammate is a big no-no.
  • He was accused of saying a racial slur aimed at his teammate in his Arjun Maini who is Indian. What was said has never been disclosed.
  • He then decided to take one of his gloves off, pull out his cell phone and begin using it while driving his race car.
  • He then decided not to show up for his hearing when he was reprimanded by officials. Citing he had “family business.”

So, with all that being said, the dide is a bit of a head case. He was obviously kicked out of his ride and now he has fled over to NASCAR where I assumed he’d have a short lived career in his dying dream. Only thing is, he actually is looking pretty decent in his first two races.

Driving for Sam Hunt Racing, a small team that in 15 races has gotten 1 top ten and 5 top twenties. One of those top twenties came from  Santino Ferrucci last Saturday at Las Vegas. The prior week at homestead he finished 30th, but at one point was running in the top fifteen before getting wrecked.

It’s odd that in all his time in Formula 1 and a three year IndyCar stint he never showed any hints of talent, but two runs in a stock car and he’s showing a fair amount of potential. It’s a curious case that is worth keeping up with if for nothing else but the drama alone that could rise if this kid gets a camera in front of him.

Perhaps it’s a fluke, but considering it was his first time on stock car ovals and that’s where most open wheel guys seem to struggle, I’d say it’s worth keeping up with. It’s going to be interesting to see how he does once we get to some road courses. 

I wouldn’t suggest making him your favorite driver, but if you want a guy to watch for some entertainment, it’s definitely this guy. Hopefully he has done some maturing since his time in F2, because some of these things were a little more than attitude problems, a lot of it was completely dangerous.

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