For years Kyle Larson has been Mr. Miami, the best driver at the track where champions are made. The cruel joke is that he’s always good at a track that he’s never been in a position to win a championship at. Larson always seems to be in play for the win when we come here and this season shouldn’t be any different.

Larson has quietly had a solid start to the season, being in contention at the Daytona 500 and coming home 10th. Then running up front with a possible shot to win last week on the road course until a lofty attempt sent him into the tires. His car was easily the strongest towards the front near the end of the race and if he would’ve gotten in front of Joey Logano, I think that he might’ve been able to hold off Christopher Bell and get the win.

It’s easy to not realize Kyle Larson actually has the 5-car running well early on. It seems like his name hasn’t been mentioned a lot on the broadcast and his lack of sponsorship has kept him out of much marketing material. 

While I’m sure his controversy is part of why he has been quiet in the media, I think that Larson was always more on the reserved side. I think it’s a mix of everything we just discussed that is keeping him out of the mainstream NASCAR news. 

Heading to one of his favorite tracks, a track he is still yet to get a win at. Going into it with a hunger that not many other drivers are facing could be a driving force to him finally getting a win here where he’s come close so many times.

It’s hard not to have Larson as a favorite. It’s also hard to imagine him grabbing a win in his third race back after being out of a stock car for almost a year. But, we did also just witness an 18-year old get a win in his first-ever time sitting in a top-three division NASCAR series. I think that, combined with two first-time winners in a row to start the year, seeing Kyle Larson complete his comeback story would be the least unexpected thing to happen in 2021 so far.

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