Last year I started this blog for my love of NASCAR that I’ve had since I was a child. I obviously picked the worst year to get this thing started with the pandemic affecting not only NASCAR life but my daily life along with the rest of the world. It has left this site wildly inconsistent and for that I want to apologize. I appreciate anyone that has stuck around and continued to follow me.

In 2021 I plan on things being much different. Last year I started off strong posting everyday until the pandemic hit and with drivers only showing up to race and going home, it made coming up with article ideas difficult and it led to me going weeks without posting at times. I don’t want to do that this season. I won’t commit to posting daily, but I plan to post at least three times a week and power through any of the dry spells we have with news.

This year I also plan to start a short podcast that I’ll have more information on in the coming week. It’ll be once a week and no more than thirty minutes just summarizing the week in NASCAR and the articles that were posted that week. So, if reading is not your thing, I’ll have more ways to be able to keep up with the site.

This site has not grown as much as I would’ve like in its first year, but that is mainly my fault. I’ve decided to look at 2020 as a trial and error year, figuring out what I like to write about and what I consider a chore. 2021 will be the year Left Turn Life finally takes the training wheels off and I cannot wait to see what it’s capable of.

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