Hendrick Motorsports has been a victim of their own hype for many years when it came to the #24-paint schemes. Poor William Byron came into the Cup series driving a Jeff Gordon paint scheme as his primary scheme. Well, fast forward three years and finally Axalta has switched things up and not only is it fresh, but it quite possibly the best primary scheme we see in 2021.

Hendrick Motorsports and Axalta

This car is how you pay homage to the past while also making it new and unique to the new driver. This should’ve been done a long time ago to allow Byron his own identity with the car. With NASCAR desperately needing to get back to their old days where paint schemes we’re one of the biggest draws to the sport, Hendrick Motorsport has started to embrace that in 2021.

Byron’s scheme harken’s back to the old rainbow warrior days of the 24-team, but I love this unique design. It’ll be the first time in three years I won’t mistake Byron for Gordon on the track.

They’ve also given Bowman his own personally Ally scheme. 

Hendrick Motorsports and Ally

While it’s not completely different from anything Jimmie Johnson drove, it’s at least an attempt. Also, Johnson will always be known for his Lowe’s days, and Alex Bowman has a chance to make the Ally car his own.

Chase Elliott has even gotten an update that looks better. It’s a slight change, but still an improvement. 

Hendrick Motorsports and NAPA

I’m not a big Hendrick fan, but I love that they’re finally allowing their youth movement to grow with their own identities. Now they have to find someone desperate enough to sponsor Kyle Larson.

I know this article was lacking a lot of substance, but it had been a week since I posted last and the 2021 outlook posts were getting a little stale and writing pieces like this is why I started this blog, just talking about general things in the sport. If I start writing things that become a chore then it’s not fun for me and the quality of the articles get bad for the like five people that read it.

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