After the departure of John Hunter Nemechek, Front Row Motorsports is continuing to go towards a youth movement with the hiring of 21-year old Anthony Alfredo. Alfredo most recently drove for Richard Childress Racing in the Xfinity Series; racing in 19 races with 9 top tens and 2 top fives on an average finishing position of 13th.

He shared this car with fellow development drivers Myatt Snider – who will race full time for RCR in 2021 – and Kaz Grala. Of the three, Alfredo had the best statistical season, however on a much larger sample size. That being said, Alfredo’s season was still average when comparing it to other Xfinity drivers.

In a perfect world, Nemechek would’ve returned to the team, but with the drivers available I think going after another young driver was a good idea for this team. The available free agents were slim and it appears Todd Gilliland – their only development driver – is not ready to make the jump to Cup. Gilliland’s development seems to be on par with Alfredo, but Gilliland did not bring the same level of sponsorship.

Alfredo is somewhat of a social media star with his presence on the app TikTok. No doubt, a large part of this hire had more to do with his ability to interact with fans and attract sponsors. 

Best-case Season:

Wins: 0

Top Fives: 0

Top Tens: 2

Average Finish: 25th

Worst-case season:

Wins: 0

Top Fives: 0

Top Tens: 0

Average Finish: 28th

The expectations for Alfredo are low, because his experience and results are big red flags for a NASCAR Cup series driver. John Hunter Nemechek had much better results in his development process with equal equipment and his rookie season was riddled with hardships despite the success he also achieved. It’s not likely that Alfredo will have equal success to Nemechek, and there will be a harder learning curve for him. Nemechek had been racing in NASCAR since 2013 and Alfredo has only raced part-time in both truck and Xfinity for the last two seasons.

Expect to not hear Alfredo’s name a lot this season. His true talent is inclusive at this moment, but it’s going to take time for him to realize whatever his abilities are.

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