Corey LaJoie has announced that his next stop in his NASCAR Cup career will be with Spire Motorsports
in a new #7-car. The deal is reportedly for multiple years which is a first for LaJoie. One of the biggest
small name drivers in the field every week with a hefty fanbase due to his sociable and at times very
vocal personality.
He makes no qualms about voicing the lack of funding and equipment woes that he’s faced at Go Fas
racing. His comments since the news broke have been nothing but positive. LaJoie claims that this will
be the best equipment he’s ever had, and with the competitive plan that Spire has laid out to him, he’s
expecting Spire Motorsports to become a playoff contending team in the near future.
It’s hard to believe that Spire will be anything more than a mid-pack team – even in the same light as Go
Fas racing – after their outings in 2020, but it’s Important to remember that Corey LaJoie made Go Fas a
mid-pack team. Go Fas from an equipment standpoint is in the same league as Spire and the other back
of the pack teams.
The key difference is that Go Fas had LaJoie in the car for every race and his abilities turned it into a mid-
pack team. Spire on the other hand ran horrible except for when they had gifted drivers like Ross
Chastain and Justin Haley behind the wheel. Chastain in 5 races had Spire averaging a 22nd place finish.
Corey LaJoie’s Cup potential is still undecided because he’s had such horrid equipment since starting his
career. If you look all the way back to his 2014 in ARCA where he was racing for his fathers’ team, he
dominated and was only bested by future star Kyle Larson. That same year in ARCA, LaJoie beat the likes
of Chase Elliott, Darrell Wallace Jr., and Brett Moffitt in the standings.
I think that this is the best-case scenario for both Spire and LaJoie. Sure, he hoped he’d be in better
equipment at this point in his career. For a guy who never received a development contract and has had
to work for everything he’s gotten so far in his career, this is a big moment. This deal has the upside for
Spire to grow along with LaJoie or even allow LaJoie to showoff his talents to other potential teams.
For once in his career, LaJoie has a lot to look forward to.

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