From Go Fas to Live Fast, a new race team has emerged from the ashes of Archie St. Hillaire’s race team. Former driver Matt Tifft and current driver/owner B.J. McCleod have formed a new team out of the charter that Go Fas Racing held. With this, they will also run Fords with an alliance with Stewart-Haas Racing.

On top of new Cup ownership, B.J. McLeod will also serve as driver of the newly formed #78-car. An interesting decision, but I guess when you’re the boss you can do whatever you like. The Wauchula, Florida man will pilot the car after a 10-year career in the sport.

Now, about that 10-year career. It has spanned 252 races and netted him zeroes across the board in every category. He’s never even scored a top ten. His entire career has been self-funded by himself and some outside help of course, but his equipment has never been good, arguably never even been mid-tier worthy.

The team as a whole has never found success with any driver that’s ever stepped into the B.J. McLeod machines. Issue is B.J. McLeod has not outperformed anyone who has drove his cars in any discernable way. McLeod drove for JD Motorsports this season – a team with decent equipment – in the Xfinity series and did slightly worse than his teammates.

I think that it’s fair to say that McLeod is not a Cup level talent. So why he chose to drive this car I can only assume is his last-ditch attempt at making a career for himself. While there weren’t an incredible number of talented drivers available, you still could’ve had someone like Corey LaJoie, Ty Dillon, or maybe even John Hunter Nemechek. While none of these guys would be over the top talents, they’d at least be a decent starting point.

I’ll give him this, from all I have heard he’s a cool person. He has dedicated his Xfinity team to the development of underfunded drivers. So, I have no problem letting him have his moment, especially in 2021 which is sure to be a gap year for these smaller teams waiting on the next gen car. 

With McLeod being the driver, the prospects for this team are not great. The equipment itself is coming in part with a technical alliance with Stewart-Haas Racing, but so was Go Fas Racing. In order to guestimate this team’s success, looking at what Go Fas Racing was able to do last season is important since the equipment level is bound to be close if not the same.

Last season Corey LaJoie was only able to earn 1 top ten and an average finish of 26th. I firmly believe LaJoie to be a far more talented driver than McLeod, so if he was only able to put forth a meager effort, I can’t expect much success out of a lesser product.

Best Case:

Wins: 0

Top Fives: 0

Top Tens: 1

Average Finish: 29th

Worst Case:

Wins: 0

Top Fives: 0

Top Tens: 0

Average Finish: 33rd

At best, this team nabs a top ten at a track like Daytona or Talladega, but outside of that this is going to be a rear of the field car. B.J. McLeod just isn’t talented enough to make any kind of difference and this cars equipment probably won’t be anymore competitive than Go Fas Racing in 2020.

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