Back in 2007, NASCAR was taken by storm with the Toyota revolution beginning with Michael Waltrip Racing. My favorite looking car in the modern era of racing still is the #00 Domino’s Toyota of David Reutimann. The car was beautiful and it made me so upset when Domino’s left the sport because their car was so pleasing to the eye. The Domino’s colors look great on a stock car and having any type of grade A sponsor in NASCAR is always a great look.

In 2018, I was optimistic that perhaps we were going to see a return to stock car racing for Domino’s with Bubba Wallace making a hard campaign for their sponsorship. He made videos and posted about his desire to get his favorite pizza company on the hood of his car. Domino’s seemed receptive to the idea at first, but in the end, nothing came from it.

A recent ad from Denny Hamlin has sparked rumors that perhaps Bubba is finally getting his coveted pizza deal.

In Sunday’s race at Martinsville, fans noticed a new addition to Denny’s firesuit with a Domino’s logo clearly visible while viewing his in-car camera. During the race, a new Domino’s commercial featuring Denny was aired. 

Obviously, this can simply be a new deal for Denny and nothing more. It’s an odd coincidence that this comes weeks after Denny Hamlin announced a new team with Bubba Wallace as the driver that he now gets a new sponsor from Domino’s.

We know that 23XI Racing has deals with Cash App, Columbia, and Door Dash. They have also eluded that their schedule is almost completely funded by sponsorship. So much so, they’ve had to turn down sponsorship offers, and amazing development in today’s NASCAR.

If Domino’s has begun an association with Hamlin in a deal that also lands them on the hood of Bubba Wallace’s car, then it only continues the positive trend for NASCAR. Michael Jordan’s involvement in the sport has already shown to be great for catching the attention of fans old and new; it looks like that same can be said for sponsors as well.

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