Clint Bowyer’s decision to retire at the end of the year didn’t come as much of a shock. The veteran has struggled in the best equipment he’s ever had in his career and unfortunately, the chances of him getting anything better are slim to none. Pair that with the fact that Fox Sports has been attempting to lure him into the broadcasting booth since the beginning of the year and it would’ve been a shock to see him stay at SHR.

With this departure, it opens up the door for a talented race car driver in Chase Briscoe who has long been rumored to succeed Bowyer. The only lingering issue has been whether or not SHR had other plans in mind with the likes of a veteran in Kyle Larson. 

Well, it seems fate has taken that decision away from them as it is looking more likely that Larson will opt to go a different route and instead make a home at Hendrick Motorsports. With the announcement that Alex Bowman would be taking over the Ally #48, it became clear that Hendrick had a fourth driver in mind who was not what their sponsor Ally was looking for. Obviously, Kyle Larson’s infamous use of the N-word would probably not tickle their fancy.

It was already appearing definite that both these drivers were going to take over their respective cars, but oddly enough two podcasts have come out and all but confirmed it. All thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dirty Mo Media.

On the Door Bumper Clear podcast, Freddi Kraft – Bubba Wallace’s spotter – is discussing Bowyer’s retirement when he states “that open’s the door for Briscoe, I’m pretty sure that is a foregone conclusion,” this then incites a head nod in agreement from Brett Griffin, Clint Bowyer’s spotter. The head nod is pretty telling from a guy who is in the SHR building every day.

Then of the Dale Jr. Download, Jr. brings up the fact that he’s heard that Larson is taking over the fourth Hendrick car but not only that, the #5 is coming back. He flat out says that he has heard Larson will driver the #5 for Hendrick Motorsports in 2021.

Odd place to confirm the biggest NASCAR rumors, and I almost wonder if Dale Jr. will be getting some phone calls on these considering how close to the chest the Larson interactions have been specifically. These obviously do not confirm anything as they are not official announcements but it seems that all the speculation is at least founded in some truth.

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