In a historic week for NASCAR we saw all four major series attempt the first of what is sure to be many trips to the new Daytona road course. With the results being mixed, the racing could stand to be livened up a bit more. The four drivers who brought home victories however would like for it to remain the same.

Chase Elliott, Austin Cindric, Sheldon Creed, and Michael Self dominated their respective series’ and brought home checkers. The racing led to a lot of prolonged stretches where these drivers were left uncontested and the product on track suffered to me.

Rumors are already swirling that changes to the format could be had next season. Because while road course races can lean towards the boring side for some fans, this was Daytona. It was hyped as this amazing new experience, but in the end, I just wanted a normal Daytona race.

Whether this was due to the course itself or just great driving on the part of the winners, it seemed like once someone got the lead they were going to be hard-pressed to lose it. This never usually formulates into enjoyable racing.

I’m never going to be against adding more versatility to the schedule, but at the cost of one of the most entertaining races of the year, I don’t know. Daytona is such a legendary race, and I don’t feel like Chase Elliott winning Sunday’s race equates to if he had won a normal race under superspeedway terms. But, NASCAR is trying to hype it up to this stature.

Worth noting, no practice was had non-virtually. So this obviously didn’t help results. Outside of Cup, the majority of races were met with multiple wrecks and spinouts. This was more than likely the major factor in some drivers adapting quickly and some struggling.

I could be the minority, but this race was a forgettable one for me. But, I’m willing to give it another chance next season.

This biggest takeaway for me is just how good Elliott is and will be. He has arguably became the best road course driver on the circuit and can also win ovals anytime out. His dominance with right turns as well as left turns is something we have only seen out of a select few, and they’re all legends.

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