NASCAR gets back to a superspeedway after the eventful Daytona 500. Our past venture to a superspeedway resulted in one of the most talked-about races in modern times with the near-miss wreck of Ryan Newman who will be racing Sunday.

There are a lot of possibilities anytime we go to a superspeedway because it’s such an equalizer, however, this year feels even more like an underdogs wonderland. This year we have guys like Bubba Wallace, Corey LaJoie, and amazing rookies who have been running well as of late and some have been getting the extra motivation to perform well.

Bubba Wallace is fighting a brave fight for the black community and trying to make NASCAR a more inviting place for everyone. While Corey LaJoie is taking part in the old David vs. Goliath bout; bad equipment vs. good equipment. All in all, there are more guys who run in the twenties that are creeping their way towards the font.

This is one of the few races of the year where guys like this get a shot at a win. There are going to be drivers who have that extra motivation to prove themselves who go on to eventually take the lead on Sunday.

It’s not just the underdogs though, we have the best rookie class of all-time potentially on our hands with Tyler Reddick, Christopher Bell, John Hunter Nemechek, and Cole Custer. All of them have shown the potential to run well and this is their first real chance to go after their first win.

The feel for this year is just different, and it’s not just the hiatus. This 2020 field feels like from the top to the bottom we have talent. There are a few names who you know shouldn’t be in there, but every week it seems like we are seeing the talent pool get deeper and deeper.

Talledega comes at such an interesting time during all of this. With so many feuds going on and smaller teams starting to run well, we have a chance to see an uprising from the lower depths of the NASCAR standings this Sunday. At the least, it has the makings of a usual amazing restrictor-plate race.

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