This was supposed to be the second opportunity for Chase Elliott to claim the Busch Bounty in the truck series, however, Elliott drew quick and was able to bring home the money before many would’ve expected. 

I for one thought it would be a much harder triumph for Elliott knowing Busch’s experience in the trucks. Nonetheless, Elliott pulled it off and after the drama that went on between these two last week. There’s reason to be excited in another head-to-head matchup.

I usually have a winner’s predictions article but without having practices or qualifying it makes it impossible to get a feel for anyone in trucks. Especially, since we don’t even have a handful of races to judge the drivers.

Instead, it seems easier to discuss the two guys who will without a doubt probably be in victory lane on Saturday. 

Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott both run really well at Atlanta in the Cup Series:

Kyle Busch:

Races: 21

Wins: 2

Top Five’s: 5

Top Ten’s: 8

Chase Elliott:

Races: 4

Wins: 0

Top Five’s: 1

Top Ten’s: 3

 In the truck series Elliott only has one start at Atlanta and finished with a 5th place finish.

Busch in the truck series at Atlanta:

Races: 11

Wins: 5

Top Five’s: 8

Top Ten’s: 9

Once again, Busch has the experience in the trucks that Elliott doesn’t. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice and give that as much credit, although it is a factor. I think that while Busch’s stats in the trucks as well as his stats in the Cup series are good, Elliott is better at this track.

I keep waiting on Busch to bounce back after a hard week vs. Elliott, but it has yet to happen while Elliott responds in dominating fashion. 

This has the makings of being a knockdown drag out battle to the last lap, but I’m going to give the edge to Elliott at his home track.

Other names to watch out for:

  1. Johnny Sauter
  2. Todd Gilliland
  3. Sheldon Creed

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