All the man wants is an apology. Quite the interesting interview after a major ending at Bristol where Logano was upset by Elliott’s “childish” behavior.  A somewhat interesting statement from Logano, the king of controversy in the previous couple years.

The racing was fair in my book. It was pure Bristol racing that ended in excitement. I have loved Elliott starting to show some backbone when it comes to these veteran drivers. Logano gave him a bump under caution for reasons unknown to me or even commentators, and Chase made his decision that he wasn’t going to move over and take it.

It was obvious that Chase didn’t just flat out wreck both of them, he drove in hard and couldn’t make it stick. It was a racing move and sometimes they work out and sometimes you take out each other. Logano made his bed when he bumped Chase on the caution lap, from that point on Elliott had every right to race him hard.

Logano came across as a hypocrite and Elliott endeared himself even more to his diehard fans for continuing to stand up for himself. Chase Elliott has been getting bumped out of the way for almost his whole career to this point, he is now showing that he will bump back and demands to be raced clean.

I for one, respect the hell out of Elliott for this race.

This all overshadows Brad Keselowski’s win after the calamity. Keselowski has now won two of the five races run since the NASCAR restart. If the rumors are to be believed, Kes is looking to show Mr. Penske what he’s missing before he leaves after the season.

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