These schedules have been hard to keep up with and without qualifying or practices going on for most of these races it is hard to really get a judge on the drivers. It makes it impossible to really take a guess on who will be strong and who won’t.

I’m not going to make a fantasy odds article because I don’t want to give anyone irresponsible bets with their money. I will make a winners prediction based on drivers’ past results as well as my own personal opinion. It’s easier to build a profile on Cup drivers without qualifying and practices, but I just don’t know the Xfinity drivers well enough to warrant giving advice with money.

I’ll give three drivers names, and each will be classified differently. A Favorite, who is a big name driver who is my favorite to win. A Dark Horse, a driver who would be considered an underdog but has just as much chance as anyone to win. Lastly, a Longshot, a driver who nobody would ever guess would even be contending. Guys who are generally running in the twenties each week.

Favorite: Kyle Busch

Busch is running in the race, so it makes the favorite pretty clear. He has had the most seat time of any of the other drivers and he will probably be the winner at the end of the day. However. He hasn’t been perfect this season in Xfinity, but he seems too strong for tonight.

Dark Horse: Noah Gragson

I’m going to go with the guy who has run the most consistently at Charlotte. Gragson has run well at Charlotte last year as well as his two previous years in Trucks. He finished 5th at Darlington and has been running strong this year. He wouldn’t normally be called a dark horse, but when Busch is in the field, all other drivers get knocked down a level.

Longshot: Jeffrey Earnhardt

Earnhardt had his best finish of 3rd at Charlotte and while it came from his limited opportunity at Joe Gibbs Racing, I think some of that mental momentum could help him. Jeffrey isn’t the next great Earnhardt, but he still has talent. At his home track where he had a great finish in his last time out, you never know. Charlotte can be a weird track for first-time winners.

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