Jimmie Johnson is a name that was once the peak of our sport and it has since become irrelevant until this season. His supposed final season has been almost a renaissance of sorts. With only four races ran, he currently sits at fifth in the standings with a top-five and two top-tens.

With a 5th place finish at Las Vegas and a 7th at Fontana the following weeks, he’s starting to show growth from the previous year. Last year he had two top tens but was not looking as strong or consistent as he’s been showing. 

Johnson doesn’t appear to be letting his last races go by the wayside and intends on giving his final season all he’s got.

Is it his final season though?

How is The Johnson Family Fairing Quarantine Life?

Johnson seems to be getting quite comfy in the quarantine life, especially since he’s possibly the most active driver on the iRacing circuit, just not necessarily in the NASCAR side of things. Johnson has been doing online testing for a potential Indycar run in the near future. 

Some news that might’ve went under the radar, Johnson is flirting with the idea of coming back for one more year. Since this season has been such an oddity, Johnson has been non-commital to his retirement plans when he’s had the question posed to him.

 It seems that a proper season fits more in his desires which is understandable. However, once the season starts back up and we begin to have multiple race weekends and a non-stop schedule, the 44-year old may decide it’s not worth it.

Lastly, here is a cool video he posted on all the firesuits he has kept throughout the year that is a cool watch if you missed it.

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