Coming into the season, even though Jimmie Johnson was the one retiring, his car wasn’t the only one possibly getting replaced in 2021. This was a big year for Alex Bowman and the #88 team. 

From the get-go, Bowman was a wildcard who we weren’t sure exactly what to think of him for the first couple of years and he wasn’t giving us a lot to really pass judgment on. It’s not that he was doing bad, but he wasn’t doing enough to earn a Hendrick Motorsports ride longterm.

This had to be the year he proved that he deserved the quality of equipment he was being given, and so far he’s at least seeming to buy himself some time. While his only top ten has come from his win at Fontana, Bowman has looked like an elite car in all the races ran this year.

It’ll be a matter of it is just a fluke or if he’s finally coming into his own once we start the season back up. Sitting 4th in the standings is an excellent starting point though.

How is Bowman holding up in quarantine?

Bowman has been diving deep into the iRacing craze that has been keeping NASCAR drivers fans busy during these frustrating times. An accomplished iRacer in his spare time, Bowman finished 6th and 5th in the first two races of the year and has been having a lot of fun while doing it.

Keeping himself locked away with video games to keep him company like most of the younger generation. Bowman is approaching this the proper way. His Twitter feed makes me very jealous I don’t have an iRacing setup.

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