The week right before the awaited bounty race between Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch ended up being the final race we’d see for some time. It was such a let down to all the hype that the truck race had built up for it. 

On the Cup side, Elliott is sitting third in the standings after a mixed bag to open the season. The first two races saw him running well only to end his days in 17th and 26th and then follow it up with a 4th and 7th.

Elliott’s end finishes aren’t an adequate gauge of his effort this year, his third-place standing after such an up and down showing is proof of his in-race performance with him earning the most stage points than any other driver.

Once the season gets started again, I expect we’ll start to see him subtly become the top dog.

How is Elliott holding up?

Like most drivers, Elliott is taking his mind off things behind a virtual wheel. He participated in the last event at Homestead and finished 24th. But, it couldn’t be due to his A1 crew chief.

Ryan Blaney offering up his own advice to his good friend. No word on if the Elliott/Blaney combo will participate next week at Texas.

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