Continuing to make my way down the standings and checking in on drivers and their families.

The only man with more than one win in the short season so far, Joey Logano has made himself the early front runner for the Cup. The only thing keeping him out of first in the standings is getting caught in Daytona wrecks and a mediocre 12th place at Fontana.

He’s having better luck than his teammate Ryan Blaney though, as he’s been able to capitalize on the Team Penske speed that has been prevalent early on. Once the season starts back up it’s very likely that Logano will continue to be the class of the field.

Since his championship season in 2018, he’s become one of the best drivers in NASCAR each week to the chagrin of many non-Logano fans. He has thrown his name into that ring with Busch and Harvick however.

This oddball season looks to be another year for Logano to challenge for the Cup for the third year in a row. 

How is the Logano family holding up?

Much like the Harvicks, they’re on vacation. Though at the beach instead of in an undisclosed snowy location. Logano has decided to start his own short vlogs to keep his fans updated on his own situation.

vlog #1:

vlog #2:

vlog #3:

I applauded Harvick for taking his family to a hideaway in these times but it would seem like Logano is being a little more cavalier with his quarantine. Going to the beach, generally a crowded area as well as heading to a Planet Fitness for a workout class. 

Granted they might’ve rented out the Planet Fitness, but they’ll still be working with equipment that has been used by many different people and in a group together. Not the best example of how to conduct yourself right now, but that’s what Logano wants to do.

Please do not go to the beach or the gym during these times.

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