All NASCAR drivers and their families are reporting safe as of me writing this. I’ve decided that in these boring times I’ll go down the standings and check in on every driver and how they’re holding up in these trying times as well as how they’re season has gone thus far.

We’ll see how many I get through before the season starts back up. Apologies if this isn’t the kind of content you enjoy, but it’s real slim pickings out in the NASCAR news world.

Let’s start off with points leader Kevin Harvick. How’s the year looked so far?

Daytona: 5th

Las Vegas: 8th

Fontana: 9th

Phoenix: 2nd

The most consistent wheelman so far this season and sniffing for a win early on this year. With every other car at Stewart-Haas Racing struggling to find footing, Harvick continues to be the man carrying the flag for the team.

He’s gone mostly under the radar this season outside of him making headlines with his Kyle Busch bounty challenge. He will be sniffing around that championship trophy all year long. The Closer always makes his namesake by the end.

How’s the Harvick Family Holding Up With No Racing?

Kevin, wife Delana, son Keelan, and daughter Piper seem to be on vacation somewhere that Covid-19 would be freezing its butt off to find them. Taking a vacation to occupy their time and distance themselves from others.

From the looks of it, the Harvick’s are making the most of this time together and keeping safe. I’d love to know just how far from society they are if they have an actual moose walking up to their window. 

Still, good call Harvick.

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