NASCAR came out today to continue the national trend of doubling down on postponing major events. Now, racing will be in hiatus until May 3rd where Martinsville is expected to be the first race back.

NASCAR still plans to hold all 36 races this year, meaning that the season is likely to be extended. Bye weeks could be used for a few substitutes but we are currently expected to lose out on 7 races at least.

Bye weeks would be able to make up for three races, and the All-Star weekend could squeeze in the Atlanta race. That still leaves 3 races to extend the season. Instead of the season-ending on November 8th, we can expect it to end on November 29th. 

This is speculation and not an official statement from NASCAR.

A shortened off-season may not be an ideal situation for drivers, but under the circumstances, I doubt too much outrage will be had.

Through this nearly two month stretch, there will be little to no NASCAR news so articles will be sparing, but there’s still plenty to talk about on the site. Weekends won’t be the same for a while, but in the end, this is we’ve been dealt and we all need to be safe right now. 

Staying inside on a Sunday without NASCAR will be hard, but it’s what we have to do.

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