Covid-19 has caused one of the most unique situations in sports history with almost every major U.S. sport either postponing their season or even canceling them altogether. NASCAR has made the decision to postpone the races scheduled for March 15th and March 22nd in Atlanta and Miami. A disappointing decision for fans, but the correct decision in the end.

The biggest questions have been answered for the most part like how will fans who bought tickets to these races be treated? All fans with tickets will be given credits to be used at any race in the 2020 or 2021 season.

The biggest question still looms, when will these two races run?

I’m obviously no insider so take this with a grain of salt, but these scenarios seem to make the most sense.

Simply move the Cup, Xfinity, and Truck races to the off-weeks that were already scheduled on the weekends of April 5th, July 26th, or August 2nd in any combination that works best for travel.

NASCAR insider Bob Pockrass also had a solid idea:

Essentially instead of the All-Star festivities receiving a weekend all to its own, they would share the week with the 600. Charlotte’s own personal speed weeks. An entire week of racing isn’t a bad idea at all. The drive from Atlanta to Charlotte wouldn’t be too strenuous on the teams either.

Hopefully, we don’t end up having to postpone the race at Texas or further beyond. If NASCAR starts having to postpone over three races, it could lead to the cancelation of races as there is no convenient way to fit all of them back into the schedule as it’s currently laid out.

After the President’s address, an initial panic has lead to markets being obliterated and left with hardly even a frozen pizza to spare. The hope is that now that American’s are taking the threat seriously that the annihilation of the virus will finally start and we can move forward from it quickly.

Be prepared for little to no response from NASCAR for at least a week as the sports world will remain in a wait and see stasis until a clearer picture begins to form.

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