The big names for the championship are making themselves known early this year with Gragson and Briscoe being favorites heading into 2020. While I think this year we are bound to have multiple winners, I don’t think this we’re gonna see a new face this week.

I’m going to combine my race predictions as well as my fantasy odds.

I’ll give three drivers names, and each will be classified differently. A Favorite, who is a big name driver who is my favorite to win. A Dark Horse, a driver who would be considered an underdog but has just as much chance as anyone to win. Lastly, a Longshot, a driver who nobody would ever guess would even be contending. Guys who are generally running in the twenties each week.

Favorite: Chase Briscoe

After dominating Vegas, he has his Mustang running well in the first two practices of the weekend. The entire Xfinity field this year seems rather thin and I think that Briscoe could really boost his stats and go on a few hot streaks.

Briscoe’s only other start at Fontana came with a 5th place finish so this is a place he’s had mild success albeit a small sample size. I look for momentum to be the key here and right now Gragson is in the middle of a nasty battle with Myatt Snyder that will be distracting. I think the only other person with strong enough odds is Harrison Burton, and I think Briscoe’s experience will win out for now. 

Also, look out for Cindric to have a strong run, but I think Briscoe has the stronger Ford early on in the season.

Dark Horse: Daniel Hemric

I’m really rooting for Hemric after getting such a shoddy opportunity in Cup last season. I think that with him Running for JR Motorsports, he has a good chance at finally getting a win in any NASCAR series.

There are a few things working in his favor besides having some of the best equipment he’s driven in a long while. He’s also fairly competitive at Fontana with an average finish of 8th. I have a gut feeling this could finally be Hemric’s race.

Longshot: Austin Hill

Currently sitting 1st in the Truck Series standings, Hill is trying to get some seat time in an inexperienced Xfinity effort from Hattori Racing Enterprises. So far logging in 14th and 16th fastest in both practices, he has a decent car for his first outing in California.

There’s a lot of potential from this effort put forth for not just Hill but HRE as a whole. If they can string together some solid finishes I think that they can make the jump up next season along with Austin Hill.

Fantasy Odds:

I break my favorites down into three tiers. Upper-tier drivers worth $11,500-$9,000. Mid-tier worth $8,999-$7,000. Lower-tiers $6,999 and under. All based on DraftKings price ranges.


  1. Chase Briscoe – $11,500
  2. Harrison Burton – $9,400
  3. Daniel Hemric – $9,800
  4. Austin Cindric – $10,300
  5. Noah Gragson – $10,000


  1. Riley Herbst – $8,200
  2. Brandon Brown – $8,000
  3. Michael Annett – $8,800
  4. Jeremy Clements – $7,900
  5. Myatt Snider – $7,000


  1. Anthony Alfredo – $6,400
  2. Austin Hill – $6,500
  3. Jesse Little – $6,300
  4. Landon Cassill – $5,800
  5. David Starr – $6,800

Best Line-up:

  1. Chase Briscoe – $11,500
  2. Harrison Burton – $9,400
  3. Riley Herbst – $8,200
  4. Brandon Brown – $8,000
  5. Austin Hill – $6,500
  6. Anthony Alfredo – $6,400

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