We got three races this week in Vegas. After the predictability of the Truck race last night with Kyle Busch dominating, we move to the Xfinity Series where things get a little more tricky. We don’t have a clear picture of who exactly is going to be the car to beat this year.

I’m going to combine my race predictions as well as my fantasy odds.

I’ll give three drivers names, and each will be classified differently. A Near-Lock, who is a big name driver who is my favorite to win. A Dark Horse, a driver who would be considered an underdog but has just as much chance as anyone to win. Lastly, a Longshot, a driver who nobody would ever guess would even be contending. Guys who are generally running in the twenties each week.

Near-Lock: Noah Gragson

It’s an easy pick coming off his big win at Daytona to start the year, but outside of that I truly believe Gragson has the best shot of being the guy to beat this year. Going to his home track after such momentum is going to be a big factor in his confidence today.

Last season he finished 3rd and 6th at Vegas so it’s a place he can run well at.

Dark Horse: Ross Chastain

Leading practice and running triple duty this weekend in three competitive cars is going to bring a lot to the table this week for Chastain. The experience that will come from driving for Roush-Fenway this week will be invaluable.

Chastain has won here before and runs well here with an average finish of 14th. It’s hard to put him in the dark horse position but got to remember that this team didn’t even make the field for the 500 last week, so we’ll see if the equipment holds up.

Longshot: Brandon Brown

Brown doesn’t have the equipment to be out front all day, but he ran second in practice and has solid stats at the track. Of all the longshot drivers, he gave me the best feeling of anyone that they could run well today.

Fantasy Odds:

I break my favorites down into three tiers. Upper-tier drivers worth $12,200-$9,000. Mid-tier worth $8,999-$7,000. Lower-tiers $6,999 and under. All based on DraftKings price ranges.


  1. Noah Gragson – $9,900
  2. Ross Chastain – $10,600
  3. Justin Haley – $9,100
  4. Brandon Jones – $9,300
  5. Justin Allgaier – $12,200


  1. Harrison Burton – $8,900
  2. Riley Herbst – $7,800
  3. Brandon Brown – $7,600
  4. Ryan Sieg – $8,700
  5. Jeremy Clements – $8,500


  1. Jesse Little – $6,300
  2. Myatt Snider – $6,600
  3. B.J. McCleod  – $5,300
  4. Robby Lyons – $6,100
  5. J.J. Yeley – $5,100

Best Line-up: $50,000 of $50,000 used

  1. Ross Chastain – $10,600
  2. Noah Gragson – $9,900
  3. Brandon Jones – $9,300
  4. Riley Herbst – $7,800
  5. Jesse Little – $6,300
  6. Robby Lyons – $6,100

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