Sin City, what better place to play fantasy on everything from the trucks to cup. Unfortunately, this is one of the races that Kyle Busch has chosen to ruin for everyone for little to no reason. So making predictions is pretty easy.

I’m going to combine my race predictions as well as my fantasy odds.

I’ll give three drivers names, and each will be classified differently. A Near-Lock, who is a big name driver who is my favorite to win. A Dark Horse, a driver who would be considered an underdog but has just as much chance as anyone to win. Lastly, a No Way, a driver who nobody would ever guess would even be contending. Guys who are generally running in the twenties each week.

Since Kyle Busch is in the race, I’m going to give two Near-Lock’s since there’s no real fun in just picking the obvious in Busch.

Near-Locks: Kyle Busch and Johnny Sauter

Kyle Busch needs no reasoning if he’s in a Truck or Xfinity race he’s going to be the favorite, especially in his hometown of Las Vegas.

Sauter has an average finish of 9th at the track and has won here in the past. Finished the practice session in 2nd and won the pole after qualifying. I think Sauter has the fastest car for this race and has the experience to be able to challenge Kyle Busch.

Dark Horse: Sheldon Creed

Competing in his second season in the Trucks, Vegas is one of the tracks that Creed performed really well on last season and he’s coming off a top ten finish last week. He has a fast car, qualifying second and I think he’ll see his first major NASCAR win this season, with Vegas looking like the best place for him.

No Way: Timmy Hill

Where did this speed come from? There was a moment during qualifying I thought Timmy Hill was going to challenge for the pole. He’s fielding his own entry in the trucks this week and while he’s a weak equipment lifer, he seems to have a little extra oomph this week.

After finishing 3rd last week in the Xfinity series, I hope that he can keep the momentum going and at least get a top ten tonight.

Fantasy Odds:

I break my favorites down into three tiers. Upper-tier drivers worth $15,000-$9,000. Mid-tier worth $8,999-$7,000. Lower-tiers $6,999 and under. All based on DraftKings price ranges.


  1. Johnny Sauter – $9,200
  2. Ross Chastain – $11,000
  3. Kyle Busch -$15,000
  4. Brett Moffitt – $10,600
  5. Grant Enfinger – $10,200


  1. Sheldon Creed -$8,300
  2. Austin Hill – $8,900
  3. Chsritan Eckes – $7,900
  4. Tyler Ankrum – $7,600
  5. Raphael Lessard – $7,800


  1. Timmy Hill – $4,800
  2. Ty Majeski – $6,900
  3. Derek Kraus – $6,800
  4. Tanner Gray – $6,500
  5. Natalie Decker – $5,100

Best Line-up with Kyle Busch: $49,300 of $50,000 used

  1. Kyle Busch – $15,000
  2. Johnny Sauter – $9,200
  3. Sheldon Creed – $8,300
  4. Ty Majeski – $6,900
  5. Natalie Decker – $5,100
  6. Timmy Hll – $4,800

Best Line-up without Kyle Busch: $49,800 of $50,000 used

  1. Ross Chastain – $11,000
  2. Johnny Sauter – $9,200
  3. Austin Hill – $8,900
  4. Sheldon Creed – $8,300
  5. Tyler Ankrum – $7,600
  6. Timmy Hill – $4,800

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