We do not give NASCAR credit for things that they do right, and at the end of the day, we need to acknowledge the good things they’ve done as well as the bad. We have become spoiled by the safety innovations that they have taken major steps in keeping drivers safe. So much so that it didn’t even seem real when this macabre feeling fell over the victory celebration.

While the NFL was trying to hide the severity of CTE from its players, NASCAR was being proactive. This alone is probably why Ryan Newman is alive this morning.

My thoughts and prayers go to Ryan Newman and his family. I hope that this was not the last time we see Newman race. He’s a tough son of a gun though, he’s going to be just as hard to keep down as he is to pass.

I also want to address how unfair it is for anyone to be criticizing Denny Hamlin and his crew for celebrating after the race. It was near impossible for Denny to know the severity of the crash after just winning. Poor communication was cited, and as soon as they were made aware of the situation, festivities halted.

The air was taken out of this race, but it shouldn’t be overlooked what Hamlin was able to pull off. Three Daytona 500’s only further cement’s him as one of the best “big moment” drivers in NASCAR. Like the logo on his firesuit would suggest, very Jordan-esque in the clutch moments.

It seemed from the replay that if Ryan Blaney would’ve stayed on the outside he would’ve had a good chance of being able to get around him as Newman was a little slow to block. For whatever reason, Blaney decided to go back down and “push a Ford to the win” which started the scary process for Newman. No-fault of Blaney’s, but inexperience I feel was a key factor here.

Probably one of the worst ways to start the 2020 NASCAR season you could ask for. But, I’m very thankful that Ryan Newman is okay and that’s really the only thing on my mind right now. 

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