Yesterday’s Clash is subject to harsh criticism from the fan base today. The race started with 18 cars, finished with 4, and the winner was 1/2 a car.

Fans seem genuinely unhappy because so many cars fell out of the field. I’ve seen the word embarrassed used to describe some fans view on the race. Essentially, this is the kind of race that outsiders think NASCAR is for; a lot of wrecks and no real race substance.

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys wrecks with my racing. However, at a track like Daytona, I really never mind it.

I was shocked to see drivers going so hard for a meaningless win. It caused a lot of wrecks, but wrecks being caused by drivers going for the win is never a bad thing in my opinion.

As the field started to dwindle, the level of competitiveness didn’t dissipate. Even with only a handful of cars left at the end, all of them were going hard for the win and I genuinely enjoyed the Talladega Nights feel to it.

It’s a type of situation that we don’t usually see and we won’t see when we watch a race with a bigger field.

It wasn’t a single file race with no excitment to it, and it wasn’t just a wreckfest that an adreniline junkie would enjoy. These wrecks were caused by hard racing and left a few hard fought competitors going for the win at the end.

I found it to be a refreshing taste of what is to come. I do not want to see the Daytona 500 finished with so few cars, but I hope to see the same fight out of these guys when a race actually counts.

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