With the latest addition of Hailie Deegan to Ford’s stable of drivers, her development automatically becomes the team’s main interest. So, where does she end up when Cup teams start calling? What Ford teams are the best fit?

Due to Deegan being the first female in a long time that is showing the potential to compete at the top level, she’s going to have a lot of eyes on her and a lot of good equipment thrown at her. She will not be racing for a team like Front Row Motorsports in the future.

There are only two real options for her at this point; Penske and Stewart-Haas. Both of these are two great options, but only one is realistic for me.

Penske currently holds one of the best driver lineups in Cup with two consistent champ contenders in Keselowski and Logano and a strong up and comer in Blaney.

While Stewart-Haas currently has two rides that are coming out of an offseason full of speculation as to if they would be in the same seats in 2020. The #14 and #10 rides of Clint Bowyer and Aric Almirola respectively.

Finding a way to put Deegan at Stewart-Haas makes the most sense for Ford as well as Stewart-Haas. Almirola would be the easier route to take as he’s yet to show any real promise besides having some kind of hold on Smithfield for sponsorship. 

Bowyer is by far the better driver but if Smithfield refuses to give up on Aric then it could pose problems for Bowyer in the next few years once Deegan makes her way up to Xfinity.

It seems poetic right that Deegan takes the reigns of the car that the former lone female Cup driver attempted to steer into relevancy.

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